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Blepharitis is a lid margin inflammation often seen in people who have oily skin and dandruff. Lids may be red and swollen. Scales and crusty ulcers may form which, in time, cause loss of eyelashes. The level of control depends on the severity of your condition and on how well you follow instructions. Blepharitis is a stubborn problem which tends to come back when you stop treatment.

  • Clean lids regularly; twice daily, preferably upon arising and at bed time.
  • First, soften crusts and scales with warm compresses. Place a cloth under running hot water until it is as warm as your lids can comfortably stand it. Apply compresses to closed eyes for 5-10 minutes. Re-wet cloth to maintain suitable temperature.
  • Next, pour a small amount of non-irritating baby shampoo on the cloth and scrub horizontally the lids, lashes and brow. Some people prefer to use Q-tips to scrub the lid margins. Use a separate, clean tip moistened in baby shampoo for each lid margin. After all debris is removed, wash excess shampoo away. Non-prescription lid scrub pads and liquid and foam cleansers are available and may be used in lieu of Q-tips and baby shampoo (OcuSoft Lid Scrubs, OcuSoft Lid Scrubs Plus, Thera-Tears Sterilid, Eye Scrub Cleansing Pads, etc).
  • Following cleaning use drops and/or ointment as prescribed for 7-10 days; then stop using them until a new flare up occurs (continue lid scrubbing, forever).

How to use drops?

Sit down with the head thrown slightly back. Pull slightly on the lower lid, look up and put a drop in the lower lid sac (between the eye and the lid; using more than one drop won’t hurt but it’s wasteful). Release finger pressure and blink a couple of times. Do not squeeze the eye shut.

How to use ointment?

Sit down with the head thrown slightly back. Pull slightly on the lower lid, look up and squeeze about ½ inch bead in the lower lid sac (between the eye and the lid). Close the eye (do not squeeze hard) and keep it eye closed for at least one minute. During this time, with the eye still closed, move eyes by looking up and down several times to spread the warmed-up ointment.


  • Keep your hands and face clean.
  • Do not touch your eyes with a soiled handkerchief, dirty fingers, etc.
  • Shampoo thoroughly. If you have dandruff, use anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Avoid eye cosmetics until control is achieved. Eye brow pencil, mascara and face powder may interfere with healing. When you resume cosmetic use, begin with a new supply, as your old cosmetics may have become contaminated.