Contact Lenses

Table of Contents

Why contact lenses?

People choose contact lenses for different reasons. Some of them are:

  • Improved appearance.
  • More natural eyesight correction. *
  • Greater safety in body contact sports.
  • All spectacles, framed or not, limit side vision.

Unconsciously, spectacle wearers must turn their head from side to side to obtain adequate side vision. With contact lenses there is a wider field of vision with no side “blind spot”. This is helpful to automobile drivers and is a necessity in sports. Contact lenses do not fog with abrupt changes in temperature or from breathing during sports or hard physical activity. Rain and snow do not blur the vision because eyelid action keeps the lens surface clean.

Your first pair of contact lenses

The process of fitting new contact lenses involves several visits to the office. To simplify the process, please tell the person making your appointment that you are interested in contact lenses. We will then give you an appointment for a complete medical eye exam followed by a separate appointment, on the same day, with our contact lens technician. If you decide against trying contact lenses, there is no charge for appointment with the contact lens technician.
After the health status of your eyes is determined, a prescription for glasses will be issued and you will be told whether or not you are a candidate for contact lenses. The fee for the eye exam is the same whether you are interested in glasses or contact lenses.

Because we stock many lenses we might be able to give you the lenses to take home the same day. A $100 deposit is required before taking the lenses home. You will be trained in the proper care of your new lenses before you leave the office.

The fees for contact lenses fitting, training and materials vary considerably with the type of lenses. You will be informed about the cost after the initial decision on lens type is made.