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Glaucoma and Cataract Centers of Excellence

is the place where patients receive care of exceptional quality.
To create our Glaucoma and Cataract Center of Excellence
we have brought together dedicated physicians,
well-trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.

New and better ways of dealing with eye conditions are being developed very fast. To excel, the physician must concentrate on a limited number of conditions, keep up to date, be willing to listen to the patient and be willing to spend time and effort to achieve the results that modern medicine makes possible.

Digital Camera
Monitors nerve head changes

GDX ("Glaucoma Diagnosis")
Measures loss of nerve fibers in early glaucoma

Cataract surgery and glaucoma are Dr. Belamaric's and Reno's special areas of interest. They have performed well over 15,000 cataract operations. Our patients include local physicians and their family members. Some patients come for surgery from states other than Michigan and some, from even as far as India, the Philippines and Italy.

GDx and OCT are laser-based tests that improve our ability to tell apart people with glaucoma from those who just seem to have glaucoma ("glaucoma suspects"). The distinction is very important because glaucoma requires lifelong treatment while glaucoma suspects require no treatment at all, just observation. We may also use the very new VEP and ERG tests to help in these cases. In this area of Michigan, we are the only office with such a complete line of the latest diagnostic instruments for glaucoma. We are able to support this high level of care because so many eye specialists work in our office and our glaucoma patient base is so large.


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Visual Fields Analyzer

Evaluates for progressive vision loss