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Southland Eye Clinic doctors, in conjunction with University Associates consultants, offer the most complete eye care in the Downriver area, as well as the most extensive emergency eye care coverage. A partial list of services provided includes:

  • General family eye care
  • Eye emergencies
  • In-office surgery and Argon and YAG laser treatments
  • Glaucoma, routine and highly specialized care and surgery
  • Cataract surgery in ambulatory and outpatient facilities
  • In hospital eye care (Wyandotte and Heritage)
  • Retina and Vitreous surgery
  • Cornea
  • Provision of referral services to Low vision facilities
  • Contact lenses

Availability of regular eye care, and of highly specialized consultant type care at the same site, make care much more convenient for you. There is no longer need for you to travel to see consultants. You need not bother transferring records from office to office. Records are available to all doctors who need them, without delay. Because so many doctors share expensive equipment we can afford to buy the newest and the best equipment available. All this works toward providing you with the best possible eye care.

Our consultants are university researchers. They have deep knowledge in their special fields of interest. Most hold professorial positions at the WSU School of Medicine. They are also physicians at the Kresge Eye Institute at the Detroit Medical Center, a major referral center for difficult eye problems. Their expertise in complex eye problems is now available to you in your own neighborhood.



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